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Fort Calgary

In 1875, amid a sea of scarlet jackets and thundering hooves, "F" Troop of the North West Mounted Police crossed the Bow River to build Fort Calgary. Under the command of Inspector Ephrem Brisebois, they were instructed to suppress whiskey traffic along the Bow River. They choose a location at the forks of the Bow and Elbow Rivers to build their fort.

The construction of Fort Calgary was hastily completed in about six weeks. In 1882, the fort palisade was torn down and the new substantial buildings of Calgary Barracks were constructed. A fire destroyed one of the men's barracks a few years later and it was replaced by an impressive two-storey building that could house 100 men. 

The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway bought the land in 1914 and demolished all the fort buildings except Superintendent Deane’s house.

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